Edison: I Am Sorry About Sex Photos

5 Feb

So far, eight people (six men and two women) have been arrested regarding the sex scandal involving Edison, Gillian, Bobo, Cecilia and Joey Yung (whose photo was greatly believed to be photoshopped, due to the angle of the neck).It was also reported that after the eighth photo was published, Edison secretly left Hong Kong and flew to Boston. On his 2nd February blog post, his profile section at the top of the page says, “edc is edison chen… hate the game and dun hate the player… I am all bout unity… but if you fucks wid me i gotsa fuck wid you… in clot (a clothing company which he co-founded) edc’s role is the FRONTLINESOLDIER… ACT LIKE U KNOW…” which became the headline for several newspapers the next day. Edison was reported to have said that the text was part of an article that was written in May 2007, and not in response to the sex scandal.

On the 4th of February, Edison Chen released this video to the press.

If you are unable to view the video here, you can view it here. I wonder if this is the last we will hear about Edison’s sex scandal? What about the video that existed? Are the remaining female celebrities being spared? I guess we just have to wait doesn’t it? To those people who mentioned that Edison is stupid to send his computer for repair when the 1000+ pictures are in there, I think their computers are so fabulous that they can delete any files in their computers even if their computer refuse to start up?For a detailed report on the arrest of the eight people, here are a couple of the links you can read.

Wikipedia’s entry about Edison’s Sex Scandal and The Standard (Hong Kong’s First Free English Newspaper).

If you’d like to read about Edison before he became this infamous, here is his old blog.

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