Cecilia Sex Scandal

1 Feb

The Edison Sex Scandal really proved a point: Sex sells. The hoohaa is now at its full-blown (excuse the pun) peak. One of my girlfriends pointed out that the picture of Edison and Bobo seems to be a screenshot from a video clip, as the picture is grainy and futhermore, they can’t be possibly taking such a perfect angle of the picture while doing that, can they?

Surely it must be from a video. You just imagine: Guy/Girl takes picture. Sees that the picture is not clear or does not include the both of them. Re-take. Tries again and again. By then the guy would have nothing to show and his excitment would have been lost to even continue the photo-taking? Does this theory makes sense?

Celebrities such as Jackie Chan (who supported Gillian on her previous changing room pictures incident) have banded together to protest about the current incident. Wikipedia also has this short update on Gillian’s Wiki-page:

“On 31 January 2008, an unemployed 29 year old man was arrested in the New Territories with 12 pictures on his computer. The investigation is still ongoing to find the connection between the suspect and artists but no blackmail was involved..”

While the spotlight are still focused on the pictures, another celebrity has taken centre stage, and that is Cecilia Cheung. Semi-nude and fully nude pictures of her were believed to be stolen from the personal computer of Edison Chen. Some of the links for the pictures are:

http://www.szqqmm.com/12/, http://www.szqqmm.com/13/, http://www.szqqmm.com/14/, http://www.szqqmm.com/15/.

If you are in touch with the Hong Kong entertainment news, you will also know that Cecilia is married to Nicholas Tse, and gave birth to baby Lucas in August last year.

I am still wondering that the man the police arrested is the real culprit. I guess we can only wait and see. If the talk about the video is true, I shudder to think how the crazy the media will pounce on it.

And I can’t help thinking, how all the celebrity exes of Edison Chen would be shaking inside.

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