About Orinity

Welcome to Orinity dot com, a website featuring an assortment of interesting articles on the internet, reviews on online shops, information on shopping online and some shopping tips! Orinity dot com was started in late 2007 with the goal of sharing information on online shopping and interesting information. Orinity dot com is currently managed by Francis, who is assisted by Wei Ling. The current focus has been shifted to the sale of Hollywood Fashion Tape and various products that Wei Ling uses personally.

About Francis Sim

The name is Francis which you should have picked out from the header above. ORiN is the online presence that I have been using for the past few years on instant messengers, forums and other online communities so some people may know me by that name. I hail from Singapore (it is the red dot at the southern tip of western Malaysia). Before Orinity.com, I was running some web proxy websites, AnimeArk.com and aurasia.net.

I have been learning and making money online since Oct 2004 when I first started aurasia.net as a web hosting service. However, Orinity is somewhat different from the other websites and projects I have done in the past. It is more personal and casual. Currently, we have been focusing on keeping a steady supply of Hollywood Fashion Secrets products that we bring in through our overseas partners.

– Francis

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