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Lucido-L sample

5 Nov

Lucido-L have new products available for sample.

Lucido-L hair foam & hair oil

To get your free sample, you have to register here as a member. Please do note that it is only limited to 50 sets for each product.

Essential Shampoo Samples

11 Sep

Did you see the new shampoo brand in pink and bright orange at Wastons, Guardian and CK stores?

essential shampoo

(left) Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy
(right) Essential Damage Care Rich Premier

Yes, it is Essential. Read lots of rave on CozyCot on their fruity and floral fragrances.  The pink one is suitable for flat and limp hair, which will give you a light and bouncy feel. Bright Orange is suitable for dry hair, which said to give your untameable hair a smooth and manageable one. To find out more, you can go to their cute and informative website by clicking on the above image.

Have you thought of trying Essential? Kao are giving out free samples!
What are you waitng for?  Grab and try it now!