Edison & Gillian’s Sex Scandal

31 Jan

And yet we have another sex scandal, this time involving Edison Chen and (reportedly) ex-girlfriends Gillian Chung (of the Hong Kong girl group Twins) and Bobo Chen (a retired actress). Yes, it is another case of stolen handphone which has discriminating pictures and videos in it.

My girlfriend asks me, “Why can’t they use camera? So many instances of missing or stolen handphones. They just don’t learn.” Which I couldn’t help replying, “I don’t know. Phones have easier access for self-entertainment in times of needs?”

If you have not seen the pictures, fret not, I only saw the pictures on the internet yesterday after I read of the matter on Xiaxue’s Blog. I know, I am living in outer space.

While I am still in shock seeing Gillian Chung baring herself (I always classify as the ‘sweet girl next door’ type), the opposite is to be said for Edison Chen as he has always been labelled as a ‘bad boy’ although I certainly never expected him to be involved in a sex scandal.

I must admit though, I can’t help but chuckle and roll my eyes when I chanced upon a forum where the people are Caucasians. There were comments like, “Asian stereotypes” (of Asian having small penises) and to add salt to wound, the topic starter was, “His member is no thicker than a Snickers Bar” or something like that.

And supposedly, the person who had Edison’s lost phone, posted these pictures up. That’s not all, it was claimed that there were mentions of a video clip being posted up.

I gotta admit, this is one interesting titbit! Don’t we all love celebrity gossip?

We got the links here to the pictures of Edison’s romps. We would like to highlight and remind readers that these images are not hosted on Orinity.com.

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