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Free Professional Antivirus

6 Jan

For those of you who are running outdated antivirus software or running always-free versions, Grisoft is offering AVG 7.5 Professional for free. The offer is valid until 17 January 2008 and only for personal usage so grab it fast as AVG 7.5 Professional retails for US$29.95.

Those running AVG Free edition should consider upgrading as the Professional version includes advanced scanning and scheduling options. Also, AVG is a lot better than Norton and McAfee in my opinion as it is a lot leaner on the system resources.

First iPhone, Now PSPhone

24 Nov

This year, we saw the entry of Apple’s iPhone into the already saturated mobile phone market with a ‘boom’. It seems that Sony feels that it is not enough with just their Sony Ericsson mobile phones and are ready to up the ante. A rumor about a mobile phone based on PSP has resurfaced yet again. If it happens, it will probably be under the flag of Sony Ericsson. The rumor first surfaced in September 2006 when one of Sony Ericsson’s senior vice presidents revealed to CNET Asia that the company was working on something related to PSP. This time, it is after after Sony Computer Entertainment COO Jim Ryan told The Economic Times that a PlayStation phone is a future possibility though challenging. A cross-bred between a mobile phone and PSP? No thanks. The battery life is definitely one issue that will turn me off, not to mention the bulky size of the PSP compared to Nintendo’s DS Lite. I feel that what’s separate should stay as two different products since they serve different functions. While I can type a text message and listen to music at the same time, I doubt that I can game and type text messages at the same time. It just don’t seem to work that way.

Did I mention that I am a Nintendo fan boy? haha!

Power Of Airbrushing

16 Nov

I was checking out John Chow‘s posts from the past few days that I missed due to me being at a holiday resort with my friends. It is hard to believe the power of airbrushing using PhotoShop. I always know that PhotoShop is an awesome piece of software but the video threw my beliefs even wilder. It is not just awesome, it is ‘god-like’ like how some of my friends will describe it. Thanks to John Chow for that entry, it was really entertaining and definitely an eye-opener.

Lose Weight In Photoshop (makeover) – video powered by Metacafe

Behold! The power of airbrushing!

Internet Explorer 7 Issues

29 Oct

Over the course of a working day, my IE7 managed to go into the ‘not responding’ mode on my office desktop. As I am only working as a temp staff, I don’t intend to install Firefox on the desktop. It is sad to see Internet Explorer 7 having so many problems within a time frame of only 5 hours. To be precise, there’s at least 4 cases of IE7 hanging on me. Before I get flamed by Microsoft lovers (if there’s any in the first place), I am running an updated version of IE7.

I simply cannot believe that Microsoft still have not resolve the stability issues of IE7. Patch after patch released and I still don’t feel safe with Internet Explorer. Looks like Microsoft will continue to lose market share on the browsers war until IE7 is stable enough. If you are sick and tired of Internet Explorer, get Firefox now!

Customized Laptops & Gadgets

27 Oct

We will be looking into customized gadgets today from ColorWare. As more and more of us get our hands on new gadgets, some people on the leading edge will want to be unique and special. Products from ColorWare does just that, they sell or customize your laptop, macbook, iMac, iPod and even the new iPhone. While what you get is unique and specialty, it does come with a hefty price tag. A $399 iPhone selling on Apple Store is $549 after customization though it costs only $149 to send in your current iPhone instead. After looking through their product catalog, I noticed that ColorWare also customize Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. Pink Macbook anyone? Here’s a look at what you will be looking to get from ColorWare customization:ColorWare iPhone