Internet Explorer 7 Issues

29 Oct

Over the course of a working day, my IE7 managed to go into the ‘not responding’ mode on my office desktop. As I am only working as a temp staff, I don’t intend to install Firefox on the desktop. It is sad to see Internet Explorer 7 having so many problems within a time frame of only 5 hours. To be precise, there’s at least 4 cases of IE7 hanging on me. Before I get flamed by Microsoft lovers (if there’s any in the first place), I am running an updated version of IE7.

I simply cannot believe that Microsoft still have not resolve the stability issues of IE7. Patch after patch released and I still don’t feel safe with Internet Explorer. Looks like Microsoft will continue to lose market share on the browsers war until IE7 is stable enough. If you are sick and tired of Internet Explorer, get Firefox now!

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