First iPhone, Now PSPhone

24 Nov

This year, we saw the entry of Apple’s iPhone into the already saturated mobile phone market with a ‘boom’. It seems that Sony feels that it is not enough with just their Sony Ericsson mobile phones and are ready to up the ante. A rumor about a mobile phone based on PSP has resurfaced yet again. If it happens, it will probably be under the flag of Sony Ericsson. The rumor first surfaced in September 2006 when one of Sony Ericsson’s senior vice presidents revealed to CNET Asia that the company was working on something related to PSP. This time, it is after after Sony Computer Entertainment COO Jim Ryan told The Economic Times that a PlayStation phone is a future possibility though challenging. A cross-bred between a mobile phone and PSP? No thanks. The battery life is definitely one issue that will turn me off, not to mention the bulky size of the PSP compared to Nintendo’s DS Lite. I feel that what’s separate should stay as two different products since they serve different functions. While I can type a text message and listen to music at the same time, I doubt that I can game and type text messages at the same time. It just don’t seem to work that way.

Did I mention that I am a Nintendo fan boy? haha!

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