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Avast! Milestone: 40 Million Users

26 Oct

I was reading my usual dose of technology and web blogs when I picked up this piece of good news on Avast! Home antivirus. Avast! Home, which I am using on both my desktops, has hit the milestone of 40 million users. Apparently, more than 40 million users have requested for the free registration code since January 2002. However, it should be known that some users requested more than one code after they formated their computers and some use one code on multiple computers. I personally install Avast! Home for my friends and relatives when they run into virus issues. At the moment, Avast! Home is my personal favourite piece of free antivirus software.

Avast! is taking 20% off their entire product line using the coupon 40 million for the next 20 days.

iPod Death Estimation

22 Oct

I was reading my usual tech forums and I came across this thread regarding iPod. Apparently, someone decided to make a iPod death clock that estimate when your iPod is going to kick the bucket based on your iPod serial number, usage habits and the manufacturing date. Since I only got my iPod Nano 2nd Gen last month, I thought I might give it a try. According to the death clock, my iPod have another 2 more years before dying. To me, 2 years is kind of short since I don’t drop my iPod often and is pretty careful with it. How long can your iPod last?

iPod Death Clock

The webmaster definitely knows how to target his audience in selling iPod batteries through the free tool. The results provide an estimate on the remaining battery life and also a link to the web store for purchasing iPod batteries. Not a bad idea to market iPod batteries & repair services!