The Sweetest Things In Life

14 Dec

I bought from this online seller Sweet Little Corner during my initial phrase of online shopping a couple of years back. I will only mentioned very briefly about my experience with her, as I do not want potential buyers to abuse her helpfulness.

I had bought a pair of earrings from her, and although due to some unforseen circumstances which could have resulted in an unpleasant situation, she does not shift the blame and even offer me alternatives willingly. From this incident, she had gained my trust completely. I know I might have mentioned it before in my previous entry about spree organizers, but I still want to highlight that if you want to purchase anything from the organizers I mentioned, please be a sincere and reasonable buyer. I do not hope to create unpleasant experiences for the organizers.

Sweet Little Corner

(Picture taken from Sweet Little Corner website)

Sweet Little Corner is now having an online Flea Market promotion from now till the 23rd of December, which is next Sunday. Discounts are offered for new items as well, with sales items going at more than 70% discount. If you prefer to view her yahoo auctions, you can do so HERE, although I would urge you to go to her website, as a wider range is displayed there.

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