Five Singapore Online Stores I Visit

27 Oct

There are many Singapore online stores. The difference lies in the items that they sell. Many online shoppers would definitely agree with me that Taiwan apparels are the most common.

Let me define the ‘Taiwan apparels’ that I mean – Apparels that are most commonly seen at Taiwan online auctions such as Joyceshop, Cutie, Xiao Mei, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love these online auctions just that the apparels have gotten just too common.

However, there are a few Singapore-based online stores that offer customizations and unique apparels.

How unique? Well, based on my Taiwan spree experience, I have mostly never come across such items.

For accessories, I’d like to recommend two local stores who offer customization pieces at affordable prices.

1. Petal Thots

What I feel about this seller’s items is that the designs are more towards an oriental feel with flowers being much of a staple component in her items. Like butterflies, birds and handmade clay dolls? Well, this is your site to splurge your money on! Like the second seller that I am going to mention, there is a detailed description about each particular item, like what kind of material the chain/wiring is, what kind of crystal, etc. I actually came across this first seller first when I was looking through her collection of accessories. It was only then that I noticed she mentioned the following seller.

2. Edynae

‘Exquisite’ is a mild term to discuss her creations. I absolutely love her designs! However, as most of her pieces are a one-time item, all of them got sold off by the time I found her site. Everyday, I visited her website, hoping to be among the first few to lay eyes on her creations and buy any item that I like. Interested buyers in her past designs need to be aware that the seller does not re-produce her designs. Once sold, is sold. I know because I was interested in some of her items and I enquired about purchasing her past creations and she informed me that this was not possible. Please do note that if you are a repeat customer, do give other potential customers a chance to purchase from her. Let everyone have a taste too, will you?I respect her principle. To create unique and one-of-a-kind items that we as customers, feel proud to own. Now, if she’d just have more designs up… Like the first seller, please do buy the item you like immediately. Please note that as their designs are very much in demand, sometimes buyers need to ballot for them.

3. MDS Collections

Even I have to agree with my girlfriend Blue on this: So far, we haven’t come across anyone who is wearing something resembling anything from MDS Collection of apparel.Who wants to wear something that is owned by half the female shoppers in Singapore? I remember once I wore this blue and white dress, only to discover another girl wearing a black version of it on the other side of the billboard I was standing beside! It was a really embarrassing situation, I tell you. One thing to note though is to take into account the measurements of the item that they are selling. Why? What looks normal size on the model (who is a very pretty elegant lady) may look shorter in real life, because she is very petite. Blue bought one pink dress from her, only to realize it became a tunic when she herself wore it. Blue, a 1.6metres tall lady, tells me that the model is probably about 1.5 meter tall and very petite, thus the apparel looks much longer in length as compared to us 1.6 meter gals. Don’t get me wrong, I envy and want to be a petite person, but sad to say, my genes don’t allow me to be!

Last but not least, I am pretty sure some of the fans of online shopping have heard of her:

4. Candy Pulp

If you are a fan of dresses, this is the site to be! The colors are very vibrant and designs eye-catching.

5. The Secret Closet

This seller is selling more of the common apparels that I was mentioning earlier, but I decided to include them in this list because of their superb after sales services. They are one of the few sellers that I have in my list of ‘Helpful Sellers’. Previously, I bought a dress from them and due to some circumstances; I had no choice but to request for a exchange/refund. I knew most sellers do not do refunds as their policy has been that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we can be demanding and this seller will do our bidding. What I am saying is that, unlike other sellers who don’t follow up with after sales service, this is one seller who does. So far, I have only come across two sellers who provided me with excellent post-purchases services and The Secret Closet is one of them. For the situation I was mentioning, they told me that they are not able to do a refund, but they can do an exchange for me. Sad to say though, the items that I was going to exchange to, all were out of stock by the time I replied them. Not one item, but three items. That’s how fast their items move. So do grab any item that caught your eye!

If you have any other interesting online sites to recommend, do drop me an email at: I would be most interested to patronize the site and do a brief review on them.

Have a pleasant weekend, everyone!

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