Never Ending Edison Sex Scandal?

6 Feb

Didn’t the sex scandal come to a standstill? And yet, more scandal photos surfaced. What’s Edison Chen got to say now?

Poor female celebrities… More pictures of Gillian (钟欣桐), Cecilia (张柏芝) and Bobo are found. The newest addition to the ‘family’ is 25-year-old Hong Kong acress Rachel Ngan, Cathy (梁雨恩) and Candice Chan (陈思慧).

Oh my… I noticed that in one of the pics of Rachel Ngan, Edison seems to be holding a video camera.

Francis: It seems to me that Gillian is involved with Edison on at least two occasions based on the ‘clothes’, hairstyles she was wearing and the backgrounds. I think Edison really ruined the lives of the involved female celebrities though Cyrene feels that Cecilia is the worst-hit since she is the one with marriage.

Like how Coolsmurf phased it, ‘Kira’ is still at large with the latest release of the photos. ‘Kira’ also hinted that he is not based in Hong Kong and a release of a 32-min video of Edison and Gillian.

PS. Due to the coverage of this latest wave of 200+ photos and all the attention on the situation, the CNY Contest draw will be postponed to 12 Feb. Keep the comments and RSS subscriptions coming in!

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