More Of Cecilia & Gillian Sex Scandal

9 Feb

Looks like ‘Kira’ is not going to end with just the Chinese New Year release of photos, I received another wave of photos sent right to Orinity. This time round, it seems that ‘Kira’ expanded several of Cecilia’s and Gillian’s photos and included more from other occasions. Coolsmurf reported an estimation that Gillian’s photos are taken between 2001 and 2006 and the Cecilia’s photo exif information reveals that the photos were taken in June 2005. While it is before Cecilia got married, I think the scandal is now a major threat to Cecilia’s marriage as her husband has not released any statement. For the earlier BoBo’s photos, they seem to be take between 2002 and 2003. So, are there any overlapping between the female stars? Maybe a fling or one night stand while being together with one of the female stars.

While taking photos of intimate acts is not really against the law, ‘Kira’ is definitely breaking the law by releasing them to the public. I wonder what I can expect next from ‘Kira’, will he release a video or more photos of other celebrities?

Disclaimer: The sex scandal photos are not hosted on Orinity and it is illegal to keep the photos on your computer. Please delete them after viewing.

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