Masks for Radiant Skin

13 Dec

Do drop by Lil Shopaholic, which is owned by my friend’s friend. I am not really a mask person, but based on what my friend blogged about in her blog entries so far (she’s a very fashionable young woman whose collection of clothes, make-up and accessories never fail to amaze me), these masks are great. I’m sure some of you have heard of this taiwan show 女人我最大 (which covers all topics about women’s beauty secrets), and you would be pleased to know that some of the masks were reccomended on this show.

Facial Masks

The price range is about S$1-S$2 per mask, which is the cheapest I have seen so far, taking into consideration the rising popularity of these masks. Postage rates by the organizer is very reasonable as well, so no harm dropping by the site! It even has the Breast Mask I mentioned previously!

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