Quick Fixes At Watsons

12 Nov

We all know that celebrities endured a lot of beauty treatments (botox injections, liposuctions and even injections to make them not sweat at their armpits) for just a few minutes walk down the red carpet. Well, they can jolly well afford to as they are rich folks.

But for us ordinary people, this is probably the closest we can get to exclusive beauty treatments. I saw the following at Watsons while I was paying for a tube of Watson’s hand cream. Extreme apologies for the blur shots as I was trying to take the pictures without the cashier noticing me.

Watson’s Frown Lines Tape

Watson’s Frownies. I didn’t get a closer look but I think it had to do with clear tape that you put over your crow’s feet to reduce them when you smile for the camera. Perhaps it is of a similar application like the double eyelid tape, except that the double eyelid tape is to create lines and the Frownies are to reduce them.

Watson’s Nipple Mask.

Yes, you didn’t make a mistake. Look, it’s even got a hole for the nipple. We all know there are masks for the face and eyes, but now the beauty sectors personnel want to make you have inner beauty as well. Seriously, this made me frown with doubt (perhaps I can try out the Frownies?). A very large percentage of us walk around with something covering our chest, underbust areas and our privates. Is there really a need to moisturize our chest? I guess only heaven knows.

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