Global Retail Visuals – Personalised

20 Nov

The World Wide Web has been deeply integrated into our lives, opening our eyes to many things thought not possible. Cell phones and laptops are amongst the digital gadgets that allowed us to access the internet as an when we like. There was sometime, not too long ago, that the click-and-mortar concept was the way to go in the retail sector.

 I am sure that many of you are familiar with online sprees and auctions, which some I have mentioned about a few entries back. ASOS is another online store, with a BIG difference. From what I learnt from Sue in the seminar last week, when ASOS first started their online business, they actually have a monthly online magazine which showcases their items, like an advertorial. Being able to mix and match with such a variety of products definately enabled ASOS to create different styles to capture the general audience’s attention. Once people’s attention are captured, they are more prone to view and buy your items.

There is also a Japanese online store, but this website unfortunately, is all in japanese, so there might be some difficulty in navigating the site. This is how you place your order – View the item selection online and place your orders via phone. Although one might think that since this is an online store, why not make the shopping experience a pure online one? Well, we know alot of shopping sites where we can place our orders at, but how many websites do we know that allows us to interact with a human voice and get more involved in this shopping experience? This also brings in an important factor – Time. By placing your orders to another person, doubts and queries can be settled faster, probably by that one phone call.

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