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The $2.5 Million iPhone

2 Mar

Bedazzled iPhone

Despite the ongoing recession and people’s investment portfolios at next to worthless, Austrian jeweller Peter Aloisson decided to create the most expensive iPhone 3G, the “Kings Button”. I am pretty sure this iPhone is the only iPhone with that much bling-bling on it. The price tag? A freaking $2.5 million (S$3.875 million)!

The home button is bedazzled with a 6.6 carat diamond and the case is remade out of solid 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold. What’s more? The jeweller finished off with a case outline of a white gold line encrusted with 138 diamonds “of the best quality”. Are you even tempted?


Levi’s Trade-in Offer

4 Dec

The latest trade-in offer accept any old jeans in exchange for a $50 discount off regular-priced Levi’s jeans that are $100 and above. I am not too sure when the offer will end since the poster listed ‘While Stock Lasts’. It looks like a good opportunity for me to trade in my old jeans for some Levi’s for the coming Christmas and Chinese New Year!

Converse Warehouse Sales 2008

2 Oct

In short, here are the information that you need to know:

Venue: Alantic Sports Holding Pte Ltd

Time: 10am to 8.30pm

Date: 1st to 5th October 2008

Mode of payment via: Cash, NETS & Credit Cards.

Converse Warehouse Sales 2008

L’Oreal Clearance Sales

13 Aug

Looks like L’Oreal is having their clearance sales at Suntec City from today, 13 August 2008 until 17 August 2008, so be sure to head down for the sale if you are interested in L’Oreal products.

Red White & Pure Sale

29 May