Hollywood Fashion Tapes

14 Jan

Have you ever bought a really nice dress and was preparing to wear it for an event, only to discover at the very last minute that the dress is so much more low-cut than that time you first tried it on? Happens to me all the time! Well, I have learnt to be smart, and now’s your turn.

Hollywood Tapes

I present you:

Hollywood Tapes

Hollywood Fashion Tape is no-fuss clear adhesive tape, which is really so much more convenient and useful compared to safety pins. Don’t even get me started on my experience with safety pins – They just spoil the appearance of my outfit and the outfit itself. I have encountered enough embarrassing situations about wardrobe malfunction (there’s no Nipplegate incident, fortunately) such as having my friend nudging my friend (who was sitting beside me), who whispered to me that my scotch-tape was showing. Yeah, go on and laugh. I have attempted to put safety pins, scotch-tape (folded so that the tape stick both ways) and even having those thick green double sided tape taped onto my skin. Ouch!

Those days are over!

Each strip of Hollywood Fashion Tape has a removable backing on each side. All you have to do is to peel off one side of the tape, press the tape onto the area you want to secure, remove the other backing and stick it onto the other surface. The tape’s adhesive is hypo-allergenic so no worries on getting rashes, but do be slow and steady when removing the tape as the adhesive is really sticky. I gave some strips (from my second pack) to my girlfriend to secure her tube, and she immediately exclaimed, “So secure! Why didn’t you give me earlier?” after sticking it on.

What are you waiting for? Put an end to all the embarrassing moments!

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