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Hollywood Fashion Tape Inventory Update – 23 Nov 2013

23 Nov

Tin Availability Status: Available
Refill Pack Availability Status: Discontinued
Red Carpet Assortment Availability Status: Available

Hollywood Fashion Tape Update – 15 May 2013

15 May

Tin Availability Status: Selling Fast
Refill Pack Availability Status: Sold Out & Discontinued
Red Carpet Assortment Availability Status: Available

Please take note that refill packs are entirely sold out and discontinued by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. However, we are making arrangements with our supplier to bring in more exciting products from the Hollywood Fashion Tape range. Stay tuned for our next update of new product launches!

We have been informed that the order form is getting cranky for quite a number of users. Please bear with us while we sort out the technical issue. Meanwhile, orders can be sent in directly via email to

Hollywood Fashion Tape Update – 06 May 2013

6 May

Tin Availability Status: In-Stocks Available
Refill Pack Availability Status: Running Low

Refill packs are running low. Take note that this will be the last batch of refill packs as our supplier no longer supply refill packs. The next batch of tins may see a price increment.

Bragel NuBra Pre-Order

2 Jan

That’s right. We managed to secure our own US supplier and will be bringing in the original NuBra by Bragel. However, due to size and capital issues, will be doing this as a pre-order instead. is currently selling the products at S$69.00 and S$89.00 respectively so you will enjoy savings of around S$10!

The Products

NuBra Feather Lite Adhesive Bra – Available in Black or Nude
Price: S$55.00
Sizes Availabe: AA, A, B, C, D

The NuBra Feather Lite Adhesive Bra is a perfect solution. The cups are adhesive on the inside, do not add to your cup size, and weigh close to nothing. Don’t worry – it stays on fabulously, even if you’re dancing. You’ll forget you’re wearing them! The clear center clasp clips the cups together for additional shaping and cleavage. The Bragel NuBra Feather Lite can last for up to 120 wearings.

  • Smaller sizes feature slightly thicker cups
  • Two molded cups with adhesive and central clasp

NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra – Available only in Nude
Price: S$75.00
Sizes Available: A, B, C, D, E (DD)

The original reusable adhesive bra is better than ever! The NuBra Seamless Adhesive bra is a beautiful solution for hard-to-wear fashions.

A NuBra is an adhesive bra that is backless and strapless yet stays right in place. Simply place the molded cups on your breasts and clip the front clasp for great shaping and even better cleavage! This fabulous seamless version, NuBra Seamless, has smooth edges designed to blend into your skin with no tell-tale lumps and bumps. The skin-friendly adhesive is strong enough to last for six hours or more, but comes off easily at the end of the night. Your NuBra can be washed with soap and water and can be reused up to 120 times.

Love low backs, halter tops and strapless dresses, but need the coverage and shaping of a bra? The Bragel NuBra Seamless Adhesive bra is the perfect bra accessory.

  • Two molded adhesive cups with clear centre clasp

Fitting Tips

  • NuBra cup sizes are based on a 34 band.
  • If your band size is different, you may need to adjust the cup size – for example, if you are a 36B, try size C instead.

Waiting Time & Arrival

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks after payment for consolidation of orders and shipping of items from the USA.

Self-collection only available at Yishun MRT station at the moment.

Postage Within Singapore: S$4.00 (Large Registered Mail)

Accepted Payment Methods

Internet Banking/ATM Bank Transfer: POSB Savings 109-40297-4

– For Internet Banking, please state your reference/transaction/bank/account number

– ATM transfers allowed (but priority will be given to those who make payment first)

PayPal Payment^:

^ Please add S$3.00 per NuBra if paying through PayPal.

*Please note that all payments must be made and verified before the items are ordered.


The item you are purchasing is 100% authentic and shipped through a supplier of NuBra products from the USA. The price you will be paying is considerably lower than stores in Singapore due to bulk purchase and the lack of a store front since is operating purely on an online platform.

Please place all orders by email to or order through our order form below. You can also ask questions by leaving a comment or sending us an email.

Hollywood Fashion Tape Sale

1 Jan