Want To Be Butterfly’s Date?

1 Feb

If you think you’d like to get to know Shaun (aka Butterfly) better, here’s your chance! Better yet, get your best girlfriend and double (blind) date with Shaun’s boyfriend (hee hee) on Valentine’s Day!

Criteria as as follows: You need to be a female aged 18 and above. Your BMI should be under 25, with your weight not more than 60kg. The same applies to your female friend.

Email Shaun at thebutterflytales@hotmail.com with an entry about “Your worst date ever” or “Why should Butterfly and LB date you”. Or if you are text-challenged, you can also submit pictures.

I wonder who’s the lucky girls Shaun and LB will spend killer dough on..

And I wonder if they can survive the experience and the entry about it.

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