Viwawa Wahjong!

1 Jan

Now, just what is Wahjong you ask? Well, Wahjong is one of the games from this website called Viwawa, where players meet for sessions of Big 2.5 (aka Dai Dee), Match It, Stwack, Checkmate and my favourite Wahjong (aka Mahjong)! I have played Big 2.5 (once), Match It (a few times) and Wahjong (many times), so basically what I want to say is, play Wahjong!

For me, I have played card games like Big 2.5 many a times in real life, but one thing remains the same – I hardly win. So no prizes for guessing how I feel about this game. And for someone who is always the first one to K.O during those RPG games, I usually would prefer puzzles, such as the Match It games. However, do note that there are only two themes to this game – Food or Coca Cola. Unless you are playing on a smaller board, please do not choose the Coca Cola theme. That is, if you want to have perfect eyesight because the Coca Cola cans pictures are so small! Overall though, this Match It game is a real challenge if you like memory games.

I am no pro at Mahjong in real life. However, I’m a level 5 in Wahjong though the highest level I ever saw, was a level 13 player. There are four levels of difficulty – you can either choose 0 tai, 1 tai, 2 tai or 3 tais to win. One important thing you should note that the 0 tai difficulty level should not be selected, as there is a bug (makes one of the players game instantly everytime a game starts) which started appearing about one week ago.

This is my highest number of tais, what’s yours?

8 Tais

Come join Viwawa now! If tyou don’t mind, you could also leave down your email so that I can send you an invite, which means I get 500 points for referrals!

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