Unknown Creatures

24 Nov

I have always been intrigued by unknown creatures, particular marine creatures. I am a person who gets scared easily from hearing ghost stories and yet I am interested to hear about unknown creatures, so this combination still baffles me.


The earth is but one really tiny planet in a gigantic galaxy. We might even have more galaxies than we think we have. And that means that there are other creatures yet to be discovered. Are there hundreds of them? Thousands? Millions? What might seem like a normal creature on planet Earth might sound absurb to another being on another planet (if it is true). We would even be considered as ‘aliens’ to these beings!

Alien Cartoon.

Back to the video clip, I can’t help but wonder if the creatures are real, as we all know, most things aren’t what we see them to be. And who can forget the hoaxes that accompanies almost every unknown creatures’ story? Next on my question list is, “Are these creatures really a species not yet discovered? Or are they a result of earth’s pollution?” The latter theory is shown in a fictional 2006 South Korean movie called The Host and you can view the trailer HERE, which mentions how some poisonous chemicals are dumped into the sewage system (which is linked to the sea) and a mutated creature is formed (It is interesting to know that the movie is inspired by an actual incident where incident in 2000 in which a mortician working for the U.S. military in Seoul dumped a large amount of formaldehyde down the drain) .The DVD for this superb movie is out for some time already, go watch it!

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