Uncommon Cake

5 Nov

Last week, my fellow colleagues indirectly coerced our boss into giving us a treat as we had hit our sales target.We found ourselves at Borshch Steakhouse, located in one of Singapore’s famous food palces Serangoon Gardens. From the appearance of Borshch, it seems to be a family-owned business and the interior decor is rather simple and reminiscence of a 80’s feel. The Russian restaurant (run by a Hainanese) appears to be quiet but there is a steady flow of customers, many of which who appears to be repeat customers.

That was where I saw the most unusual cake. It was called Alaska. The menu states it ‘serves two’, but personally I feel it was more of a serving for four.Alaksa Cake pic 1

The icing is actually foamy egg whites. The waitress surprised us by lighting a small container of rum and then pouring the burning liquid all over the cake. Notice the size of the cake using the drinks glass as a comparison in this picture.

Alaska Cake pic 2

The interior of the cake is actually made up of two thin sponge cake slices and scoops of vanilla ice-cream. The texture is light and sweet, with the occasional bitter taste of the rum. If it weren’t for the existence of such a cake, I would have classified Borshch Steakhouse as a normal eating place with poor ventilation.

Alaska Cake pic 3

Alaksa Cake pic 4

Borshch Steakhouse is located at: 58 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555954

For reservations, please call (65) 6280-4351

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