Timex? I Prefer Casio

11 Nov

No doubt that Timex is a pretty big brand for watches, especially to the male demographics. However, I prefer my trusty Casio if it’s realiability. Why would I say that? My Timex watch lasted less than a year before its straps gave way. It’s a good watch but replacing the strap is not easy. The usual watch repair shops don’t carry the straps for Timex Ironman series. That means I am only have the choice of my Casio or Swatch. As someone who wear watches almost all the time until my Timex gave way, I prefer something durable and easy to fix. Why do I have to travel all the way to a service center so far away to get my watch fixed? Moreover, I got my Timex watch for free when signed up for my 4-year club membership.

Anyway, it is back to the ever reliable Casio for now. I will be on the look out for a durable digital Casio watch soon.

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