This Fashion Revamped

17 Dec

We all know that local discount apparel store This Fashion’s shop front has always looked like this.

Typical This Fashion Shop Front

You know, the typical black backgound with red fonts (red fonts always mean SALES) is one of it’s signature recognition, other than the overcrowded mannequins display area outside the shop, with the exception of their bigger outlets such as the one at the Paya Lebar Singapost. I went to Jurong Point the other day, and was astonished to see this:

New This FashionNew This Fashion store

The same layout of the mannequins are still there, although the display is placed further inside the store rather than their usual at the front display. Perhaps it’s due to a bigger shop area, as the This Fashion store was rather tiny at its previous location near the EC cut shop (the S$10 haircut shop) and Ocean Pacific shop on the ground floor. Do note that this new shop floor is quite slipperly, so do be careful. The current location of This Fashion is on Level 1, at the lot taken by John Little previously.

Now, this was what made me speechless. If anyone told me that This Fashion will have a shop design similar to GG<5, I would have labeled that person bonkers.

New This Fashion store

The store design is so much more impressive!

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