The Singapore ERP Future

11 Jul

My country, Singapore, has a Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) scheme that functions like a toll collection system when vehicles enter designated areas. Over the course of the past few months, we have seen the ERP rates increased and ERP gantries sprouting up here and there. The cost of building each gantry is reported at S$1.5 million, a 50% increase of the previous cost of S$1 million. The ERP scheme was implemented to supposedly regulate traffic along roads with heavy traffic and also to curb car ownership. However, I beg to differ. Here’s some images circulating around the Internet. The watermark reads ‘’, so kudos to the guys at They dipicted the situation quite well.
Proposed ERP 2010

Proposed ERP 2015

ERP Taxi Joke

Lift ERP

ERP On Train Platforms

More information on the ERP system can be found on Wikipedia. Please note that the images are all meant to be sarcarism directed at our current govenment.

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