The First Post

18 Oct

This may be my first post on but certainly not the first post for Orinity. Orinity originally hosted on Blogger as I thought it is finally time to go ahead and move to this domain after some inspiration from John Chow‘s free eBook. I have been following his blog for several months now. His blog is known for posts on how to ‘Make Money Online’.

Anyway, my name is Francis Sim, 22 years old and currently pursuing my Bachelor Of Business(Marketing) with RMIT University. I have been making money online and blogging since 2004 and 2003 respectively. Blogging with me on will be Cyrene, my cousin, who will pretty much be blogging on less tech-savvy materials. See you may have noticed already, the blog design is incomplete as I intend to give the WordPress theme a bit of tweaking to something that suit our styles. This is not much for a first post but at least it is something to begin with.

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