The Exchange Rate Effect

29 Nov

Shopping online at blog shops is popular at the moment, so is buying products from well known American brands. I was looking around some local based blog shops browsing for some Christmas shopping ideas. However, I discovered something rather alarming. When one buys something from a blog shop or a spree based in the United States, one will have to pay in greenbacks and thus, there is always the matter of currency conversion. The one I saw at PrettyDolls is a rate not seen in Singapore for quite a while. The exchange rate stated there is US$1 = S$1.60. As someone who work and deal in US dollars regularly, I would say it is hard to swallow even though it is stated that the rate is to cover shipping and other costs. The actual current exchange rate, according to XE, is US$1 = S$1.449 at this very moment. I believe that it is high time PrettyDolls revise their rates soon to match up to the market forces. MDS Collections, a online store that Cyrene reviewed last month, is operating on live rates from what I can see. That is a route that I approve. Edynae has a slightly better rate compared to PrettyDolls. It is still a some way from the live rates but I feel that it is quite acceptable.

Here’s a list of rates I managed to find on short notice:

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