Sprees & Spree Organisers

24 Oct

I started online spreeing in mid-2006. If you think that is a long time ago, you would have been pretty amazed that I have one friend who started spreeing in 2005. Haha. For those of you who is unsure of what a spree is, it is defined as, “A shopping spree denotes a playful and “devil may care” attitude in a single shopping trip where lots of money is spent. A spree can be defined as a carefree or pleasant outing, in the pursuit of purchasing goods.”

In a more operational context, it is a process involving an organizer (middle person), customers (people like you and me) and overseas auction suppliers. The organizer is someone who collects orders from customers and places/liaise with the overseas suppliers. As it is a lengthy process, customers must understand that they need to wait patient for 1 to 2 months (or even longer) to receive their items.

This is the basic steps of a spree: Organizer opens a spree of an overseas auction/brand supplier, customers place orders and transfers payment to organizer, and organizer liaises with suppliers and informs customers of their order status. Items arrive at organizer’s address since organizer was the one who did the liaising. Organizer sends out customers’ orders via mail or sometimes meet-ups.

Here are the spree organizers that I have encountered so far.(Excluding the LJ sprees, which always closed so early before I can place my orders? Actually, I don’t really know how to place orders in LiveJournal sprees. My girlfriend Blue does that for me. Hee)

1) Pretty (http://www.pretty.com.sg)

2) My Little Closet(http://cutiecloset.blogspot.com/).

3) Shoppingspreezzz (http://shoppingspreezzz.blogspot.com)

4) Tinkerthotz (http://tinkerthotz.blogspot.com).

5) Pretty Dolls (http://prettydolls.wordpress.com)

6) EV (name undisclosed as requested).

Will post my reviews about these 6 spree organisers in my next entry. Do keep a lookout for it!

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