Sprees For Males

15 Nov

I noticed that there are some searches on Google that leads to Orinity.com. One of the search terms that caught my eyes is the search term ‘Male Spree Singapore’. Weird? It is. It is rather true that there’s a lot less online shopping spree organizers and shopping websites that targets male shoppers. Somehow, it eludes the minds of the shopping websites and spree organizers that men can be shoppers too. As a typical male online shopper, the things guys buy are quite different from the bags, clothes and accessories that my female counterparts buy. I have purchased various computer parts, my iPod, macBook, books and other gadgets. One may say that my purchases are typically technological gadgets. Apparently, there isn’t many websites selling apparels and ship to Singapore. My only past experience will be buying a sweater from CafePress. I actually find their range of apparels to be quite interesting since it is more like a marketplace selling designs from a range of designers or sellers.

Email me or comment here on any male-oriented shopping websites that you want to share. Men wear clothes too!

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