Spree Organizer

29 Nov

If there was any spree organizer that made a deep impression on me, it would have to be this organizer:

The first thing I noticed, was the definition of the term ‘Spree’. For people who are not yet familiarize with the term completely, this is a great explanation, coupled with case studies to compare the prices. I have seen websites that have a truckload of words that seem to drown me, but this website is really easy to navigate, straight to the point and with really pretty (and related) pictures of shoppers. Some organizers like to have background music for their sites and personally, I do not have that preference. My belief is that, I am here to shop, not to be distracted by songs that I am probably not in the least bit interested in. I admit I was a little bit irritated when I heard some voice talking, but when I realized that the video that was playing is actually an audio guide/walkthrough about this website, I was even more impressed. Never in my life have I heard instructions being read out at a spree website!

Spree Organizer

About a month back, my interest in Taiwan sprees have decreased at an alarming rate. The items are become more common, such that there is no exclusiveness any more. So when I discovered that Spree Organizer’s Sprees are all U.S sprees, I was overjoyed! Once you click on the vendors on the left column, a short description about the site and useful information (such as the average price and offered discount) will appear on the right. There is a legend on the website, stating the status of the vendors, such as whether the organizer is currently opening a spree from the vendor. There is a animated message that goes past under the main tabs, that states how much more (order) prices an active spree can take in. You are also welcomed to request for any vendor you like by clicking the ‘request’ link at the bottom of the vendor list.

One of the best things about spreeing with this organizer is the rate. As of now, The usual rate I see is 1.58 or 1.6, so you can imagine how astonished I was to find that their exchange rate is $1 USD = $1.485 SGD, which is the BEST rate I have seen so far! So, do drop by Spree Organizer today! As their tagline goes, we shall all “Spree Together, Save Together!”

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