14 Nov

When does a person do a self-reflection? When he or she experience something that jars them out of their comfort zone. That is how we humans are, we take for granted the things around us, often not realising we are guilty of it. What we should have said and done, these are the questions that we often find ourselves thinking about over and over. And sometimes, even if we tell ourselves not to do it again, we get caught up emotionally in the moment and forget the lessons that we realised before.

Something minor was said to me today that I cried.

And I vowed to trust more and not sound sarcastic (though jokingly)whenever he tells me something. I’ve got to believe in myself and in him.
Appreciation is one of the key factors in a relationship. That’s the factor that makes you realise not to take anyone/anything for granted.
Go on, show your appreciation. Send e-cards, text messages, a call or two to show you care. Words might need to be spoken, but actions are remembered in the heart.

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