Review: Prince’s

4 Feb

With Valentine’s Day only 10 days away, many guys will definitely run into cold sweat at the cold hard cash that we have to spend to please our other half. If you are the typical guy that feels that flowers on Valentine’s Day is a must-have for girls, look no further than Prince’s. Prince’s is my florist of choice and I find their prices to be reasonable and value for money. They are amongst the cheapest and yet well packaged selection that I have seen so far. Some online florists actually dare to charge an extra surcharge of around $60 for Valentine’s Day period delivery. Prince’s deliver free of charge for two time slots which is 9am – 5pm and 5pm – 11pm respectively. While the time range is really wide, as long as my girl get her flowers, I don’t care that much. If you want to have the flowers delivered at a specific time slot, be prepared to pay $20 or more.

When buying from Prince’s, remember to register for membership which entitles you to 5% off non-promotion selection and 5% rebate points to claim on future purchases. Currently, Prince’s is having a promotion for early orders for Valentine’s Day period. The discount is up to 20% and definitely looks better and more worthwhile than many other bloodsucking florists. Go order some roses for her now! She will definitely look better with a bouquet of 20 roses instead of 3 pathetic roses…

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