Rakku Shoe Wheel

12 Dec

I was looking through Cleo Malaysia (I bought a truckload of magazines during my trip!) when I noticed this gadget in its December issue, on page 328. Presenting you Rakku Shoe Wheel.

Shoe Rack

My initial thoughts include lots of question marks and disbelief although I must say I was interested as I have never seen this device before. Apparently, THIS is how it works.

Now, my questions have progressed to the next stage – What if I have small feet (I wish I did) and my shoes are too short to reach the centre? What if my shoes are caked with some dried mud (or other residue) and it drops onto the next shoe? And to add in a worry from my mum – How do I clean the thing?

I must say it is a concidence to see the exact same shoe rack being spree-ed on Edynae, and that there are quite a few shops selling this shoe wheel (it’s been so long since I last went shopping) where the spree-ers are trying hoping to get as many orders as they can, so that the store can give them a higher discount rate and free delivery to all spree-ers’ addresses. The Rakku Shoe rack retails at S$129 + S$5 assembly fee if help is required).

For more info on the Rakku Shoe Wheel, you may wish to pop over to the Rakku website and Whoa-Ho (the Singapore distributor).

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