Protect Gadgets With invisibleSHIELD

23 Jan

Most people I know has a mobile phone at the very least and a good many of them are iPod owners as well. ZAGG Inc. is offering a 50% discount on their usually pricey products. invisibleSHIELD is made from a material that was created to protect the edges of military helicopter blades so that’s how tough your invisibleSHIELD will be. I have seen the demo videos on their website as well. So far, it is very impressive just by throwing a mobile phone protected by invisibleSHIELD into a box of screws & nails and shaking the box around. The result? No scratch or damages done. You can get the discounted prizes through By using that link, all of the prices shown will be the discounted prices. Grab a piece before the discount ends! I managed to get my order in a few minutes ago for my iPod Nano 2nd Gen.

Did I mention that invisibleSHIELD carries a lifetime warranty and also free international shipping? However, international shipping will take a longer wait unless you want to switch to the faster UPS. If your piece of invisibleSHIELD becomes scratched, torn or damaged, you can send it back for replacement. There’s also a 30-day Money Back Guarantee included though shipping cost is not refundable. For people who need protection of other gadgets, ZAGG offers custom orders as well especially for newer mobile phones or laptops.

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