Printing Digital Photos

6 Jan

I came across Snapfish, HP’s photo service, yesterday and noticed that there’s a Singapore edition of the website. I went ‘Woot! Someone finally noticed the red dot on the map!’. Anyway, Snapfish is offering digital prints at S$0.19 for each print. I did some calculations and that comes to about S$0.224 per print if I am printing 55 4R photographs and inclusive of the S$1.90 standard mail cost. The cheapest I have seen so far is only S$0.25 for small amounts so Snapfish definitely catches my eyes for low-cost digital prints. What’s more? The prints are delivered to your door step or at least your mail box. For me, taking a bus to the shop and another trip to do the collection will exceed the S$1.90 mail cost.

If that is still not enough to entice you, there’s more! Snapfish offers printing of posters as well as gifts. It’s definitely a unique gift for someone you love and the shipping costs are reasonable as well. From the looks of it, Snapfish is my current best route to printing digital prints since there’s only the need for me to upload my photos and wait for the delivery. At the moment, Snapfish is offering the first 20 prints for free not inclusive of the postal cost.

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