Prettydolls – E.L.F & Threadless Sprees

6 Dec

Hop over to PrettyDolls now! They are opening these two sprees that you must not miss buying from!

E.L.F stands for Eyes.Lips.Face, in case you are not aware. As their name goes, they specialises in beauty products. I don’t really like to spree cosmetic items, but I had made an exception, because everything is going for US$1 each, which is:

US$1 * 1.60 exchange rate by Prettydoll + $1.50 handling fee by Prettydoll = S$3.10 for each item.

The first time PrettyDolls opened this spree, I placed an order for 5 items on the 6th of September although the spree only closes towards the end of the month. I still remember myself thinking, “Even if the shipping is a whopping S$4 per item, it is still cheap!” On the 9th of November, I got an email from PrettyDolls saying that my items has arrived, one of which is out of stock. And so, the shipping fee is only S$7.98 for 4 items, which is about S$2 for each item. Where can you get cosmetics at S$5.10 each? This spree will close on the 19th of December, which is on a Wednesday.

As for Threadless, I haven’t spree from this site yet. But I do know that the tees are going for really low prices. $16 for an US brand top, exclusive of shipping fees. However, you have got to hurry as the Threadless spree will close on the 12th of December (Wednesday) so as to reduce the possibility of your items going out of stock (OOS) during this festive season.

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