PageRank Update Aftermath

2 Nov

For webmasters, Google PageRank is a mean to give a ranking their websites based on Google’s point system. My other website, AnimeArk, is a PR4 website. Orinity is still relatively new so we are still a PR0 for the time being. Every few months, Google will update their PageRank systems accordingly. However, the latest update caused quite a big commotion in the webmastering and blogging circle. Apparently, many established bloggers and webmasters got slapped in the face by Google with drops in their PageRank. John Chow‘s blog dropped from PR6 to PR4 and Mubin Ahmed‘s got dropped from Google’s search results which is even more puzzling. I would say that Google PageRank system is almost rendered to the point of being as useless as Alexa’s traffic ranking.

UPDATE: It seems that Google made a mistake with Mubin Ahmed‘s blog so he is back on Google’s search results.

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