Our Opinion Stands

5 Nov

I just remembered that a certain Shopping Spree organizer that we did a review on send an email to Cyrene, asking her to remove our review on them. Yes, for those who guessed it, the review is a negative one. It is just the way it is, if you cannot afford to have negative comments or reviews, then don’t render out below average services. It is common sense, I would say. Therefore, I told Cyrene to reply the spree organizer that our review and opinion stands and will not be deleted. Better shopping spree organizers deserved to be praised while lousy ones need to be criticized. I don’t really care even if they don’t want to give me a backlink. It is just not right to mislead my readers with misconceptions.

If you can’t take the criticisms, then don’t give us the chance to do that!

Another thing worth mentioning will be that, Orinity will focus more on Online Shopping rather than Making Money Online. I feel that leaving that to John Chow and Shoemoney seem to be more appropriate.

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