One, Two, Sold!

25 Dec

We usually see auctions in either eBay or Yahoo auctions, and usually these sites have a standardized bid price, reserve price (if any) and selling price. There are some sellers who sell their stuffs on their own sites, majority of which states a finalised price.

Now, there are also some sellers who auction their items, and by the definition of the word, it means, “a publicly held sale at which property or goods are sold to the highest bidder”, which Xtitude is based on. The site mistress, Celine, lists down all the items that she is selling, and their description details would include the item name, the price she bought it at, her requested quotation range and a brief mention of the item. What I like about her site is that, there are lots of pictures of each particular item from different angles. Doesn’t it annoy you sometimes when the item you are interested in, has only a maximum of three product shots? For example, I would see a front shot of a bag in a Yahoo Auction, and that’s it. There’s no side view, no back view and most importantly, there’s no inside shot of the bag! Imagine buying that bag, and then realising that the back of it has some really chunky and cheap-looking accessory (zip colour, metal buttons, etc) that turns you off immediately?

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