Ocean Of Fear

17 Nov

I was about to log out to my Yahoo email account when I caught sight of a banner of something interesting.

Ocean Of Fear

Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever is one of the television shows that the Discovery Channel has for its Shark Week programs. This show is based on the sinking of the USS Indianapolis (which was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-58) in 1945 after the ship has safely transported components of the atomic bomb known as “Little Boy”. Approximately 900 men abandoned ship and those that were wounded by the blast soon died. Despite having an initial 900 odd surviors, only 316 of them survived the five-day ordeal in the shark-infested waters.

This program chronicles how the survivors fought ths sharks, and the reasons why the sharks attacked the way they did.

P/S: I just found out that Shark Week took place from July 29 through August 4. Anyone knows where I can find it?

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