My Annoying Colleague

26 Nov

I have this colleague who always never cease to provoke a reaction from me, and I don’t mean it in a good way. Last Saturday, my office management finally replaced the faulty security key system at the side gate. The security key number is the same, except that this time, we have to key in a ‘#’ after the number.

I shall name this colleague Elephant (You will know why later). Well, Elephant came in later in the morning as he was out at the sales counters settling some stuffs, I presume. So he saw the new security keying device and attempted to key in the previous number. After multiple persistent tries, he was debating whether to detour to the main gate (which was very much a hassle as our office building was sandwiched between two other buildings), or to climb over our metal gate barrier. Guess what he did?

Seriously, I wonder about our metal gate barrier’s purpose of existence. And so, the clever man waved to a passer-by to hold on to his briefcase so that his hands would be free to help him climb over the metal gate. Then, he jumped over into our office compound, took his bag from the passer-by and thanked him, then goes into our office. He told us today, “Climbing the metal gate makes my foot hurt real bad.”

Well, I would guess that this is pretty mild from the other of his antics, like insisting on drinking and then puking all over the table at a company corporate dinner. Up till now, as long as he has a little sip of alcohol, he’d go around having that I-am-drunk face, as if he wanted to tell everyone that he’s drunk. But who in their intoxicated minds will go around telling people that they are indeed drunk?

The little things that he makes annoys most of my colleagues, such as always using speaker phone to talk, having really embarrassing ringing tones, running in a super loud manner as though he is an elephant, playing said ringing tones with his phone cum mp3 player and attempting to talk to another colleague despite that colleague gesturing that she was busy on the phone. The two weeks that he went for his <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Reservist.”>reservist</a> training, were the most peaceful days in the office.

I can’t imagine he’s in his mid-thirties. He doesn’t behave like his age. Oh, he just asked me if I know how to use 3G technology, probably indirectly showing off his new cell phone like he did this morning.

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