More Bobo Pictures Leaked

10 Feb

The limelight was back on Bobo Chen yesterday.

Disclaimer: These pictures are not hosted on Orinity and it is illegal to keep the photos on your computer. Please delete them after viewing.

Hong Kong newspapers have been writing about Bobo Chen’s wedding to wealthy boyfriend Philip Jin (金紫耀) had been cancelled at the behest of his mother after more pictures were leaked on the internet. Kira (nicknamed after the character in Death Note) has been reported to be challenging the police (“I am not in HK, so I don’t give a sh*t”) to catch him.

From Coolsmurf, this is the juicy bit:

“The latest batch of Cecilia’s photos showed that when the photos was taken, she was likely to be dating both Nicholas Tse and Edison Chen at the same time! But she chose Nicholas Tse in the end over Edison possibly because Nicholas made her pregnant first? But their marriage is believed to be at breaking point with a furious Nicholas comtemplating divorce since recent photos showed that he did not have his wedding ring on.”

And this was the police statement that was given about catching Kira,

“The Hong Kong police meanwhile are expressing that they have difficulty policing and catching “Kira” because of the advanced technology that’s being used to spread the photos. The police are coming up against a brickwall because netizens are spreading the photos through email and this intrudes on privacy if the police investigates it. In addition, the photos seemed to be posted first overseas and it’s hard to track them down if they are using foreign emails and wireless connections. Plus, there are many IP masking tools available too. The Hong Kong media believes that the matter has gotten out of control.”

Edison Chen is reported to be seen in the British Columbia.

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