Mad About Bags

30 Oct


My overseas colleague broke my heart (and my confidence) saying that her suppliers no long carry the bag designs I wanted. The designs were one year ago, and the suppliers didn’t have balance stock left.

!!! I got them from american online sites! Which is updated!


But then, there is still hope. My colleague is heading over to Guangzhou, China, this Sunday on a business trip. She promied me to help me keep a lookout. She is one of the more dressy people I know, and she works in Louis Vitton before… Haha. So I need her past expertise.


Ever since a colleague of mine mentioned her acquaintance had a *ahem* discount on Guess bags, my darling girlfriend and I went a bit crazy. Initially, I did not manage to get anything for myself because ‘the more you look, the harder it is for you to find something theory’ applies very much to me. My girlfriend however, didn’t have this problem and she had her sights set on a small red shoulder bag almost immediately. As for me, I saw a potential buy only a week later while having my dinner at a nearby mall. The bag looks much better in real life though.

My Guess Bag.

I am waiting for the arrival of this new bag into my life next month (I’m totally broke this month)! Can’t wait! Not getting. Decided I didn’t like it the more I see it.

In additional to this bag, I was actually planning to send some bag pictures to an overseas colleague to ask her to get me some bags. However, it is always a case of the colour not being the one I wanted, or the material is different. Sigh. She says she will check out more stores tomorrow. She is such a great colleague! Anyway, one of the bags which I actually wanted was this. I still couldn’t make up my mind which colour I prefer though. Probably let heaven decide as to which colour my colleague manage to find.

The Dior Cannage bag in purple and pink:

Dior Cannage Bags.

Burberry’s Patent Beaton tote bag in red!

Burberry’s Patent Beaton bag

Burberry’s Patent Manor bag in white. Simple yet dressy enough.

A Red Patent bag from LV.

LV Red Patent Leather bag

And my top 2 favourite bags would have to be:

Burberry’s Plaid Canvas Tote bag! Absoutely the bag for going to the beach or weekends! I LOVE!

This LV speedy!! The brown is so… It reminds me of some packaging for really dark chocolate. Haha.

LV Monogram Mini Lin Speedy

I do hope my colleague manages to find at least a couple of bags on my list… Wish her luck!

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