Look Where You Are Going

20 Apr

When we were just kids, our mothers always told us to look where we are going. Apparently, a bus driver in Seattle did not get that message all. It doesn’t take a maths genius to know that a 12-foot tall bus will not fit into a 9-foot high tunnel and that’s what the driver tried to do on 17 April. The bus was carrying a high school softball team at that time. The accident resulted in 21 students and coaches being sent to the hospital.

The funny thing is that the bus driver tried to blame it on the GPS unit but it is common sense that a 12-foot bus definitely don’t go into a 9-foot tunnel. It is really fortunate that no one got hurt in the accident. The bus driver is only fined with a $154 fine which I think is way too little for someone who is definitely an idiot. Is he trying to tell us that he will stick to the instructions from the GPS even when there’s clearly no road in front of him? What an ass!

Crashed Bus

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