LiveJournal – FlowerPatch

27 Jan

I came across FlowerPatch through a MSN personal message of my friend so I decided that it is about time to do another short review with Valentine’s Day approaching right after Chinese New Year. The first glance on the web page is the quality of the images used on the website. The closer shots are taken with some blur so it makes the flowers look not as attractive. For the bouquets of 1 or 6 stalks of roses, FlowerPatch did not showcase the photos of the full bouquets so it is harder to judge. The bouquets for 24 stalks of roses looks good but the price definitely turned me off. However, I guess that’s the price you have to pay to give flowers on Valentine’s Day.

The lilies photos looks not bad but I think the packaging of the bouquets can be improved. There are no photos for their sunflowers so I can’t comment on that. Prices-wise, FlowerPatch is quite average for the bouquets they are offering. Personally, I will prefer Prince’s since my experience with them so far has been excellent.

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