LiveJournal – Behind Her Closet

19 Dec

Behind Her Closet is a LiveJournal web shop that sells mainly accessories. It is run jointly by one of my friends in university but I will keep my neutral stand in my review on their collections. So far, I have noticed that their collections sell pretty fast and many items on their main page are tagged with a red ‘SOLD OUT’. However, BHC does offer remakes so it is no harm sending them an email to see if they can accommodate you.

BHC has their own mailing list so it is helpful to subscribe and get updates sent to your email. I dropped by to check out their collections once in a while and I can’t help but notice that many of their products are of vintage theme. It is not to say that BHC is a vintage accessories shop but rather it’s their main focus. I do see some interesting accessories on their main page most of the time. I do like the style of some of their earrings but it is a pity that my girlfriend don’t fancy such earrings. So, don’t be afraid to check them out and purchase their collections. At the rate Behind Her Closet is growing, I am pretty sure that BHC will be quite as popular as Edynae.

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