Kira Received 7 Million HK Dollars

15 Feb

.. And disappears forever?

This was the recent headline regarding the Edison Sex Scandal.

Released recently was the pictures of Jolin Tsai (totally don’t look like her, I tell you! It’s so obvious!). Also, speculation about Nicholas and Cecilia’s marriage was pretty much all hearsay right now, with no statement issued by both of them. I’d be pretty much surprised if Nicholas decided to forgive his wife, although the pictures were taken before they were together (unless of course, the rumours of Cecilia two-timing’s ways are true). And if Nicholas really forgives Cecilia, the public will probably deem him to be an idiot or a really understanding man. But I do hope he forgives his wife, the relationship between her and Edison have ended and her life now is with him (Nicholas). If this is not enough reason to, I believe their son Lucas is (although there were rumours that Lucas might end up not being Nicholas’).

Some theories on Kira.

I was very astonished to discover as well, that Jackie Chan might be involved too. Police may be trying to downplay this because Jackie is doing the torch passing ceremony at the Beijing Olympics. OMG! Apparently, there was talk of a recorded dialogue where Edison asked Gillian “Who was better in bed – Him, Jackie Chan or Albert, the owner of EEG. Not to tarnish the reputation of one of the most internationally known actors in Hong Kong with the Olympics looming, they decide to pay Kira off.”

I must say, Gillian’s popularity is at its peak now, but for all the wrong reasons. And somehow, I feel that she’s pulled Charlene along in her fall. Everyone will either 1) only remember Gillian from Twins, or 2) associate Twins with the sex scandal as Gillian’s name will pop up simultaneously.

I don’t believe Kira is going to disappear. And many other people share this thinking as well, especially with two new photos that were supposedly leaked when someone posted a picture in a forum.

“The photos was posted on 香港高登 early yesterday morning. A poster by the name of 牛腩3号 posted the photo asking the laptop model in the background of one of the photos. Netizens were shocked to find out that the photo was not seen before and the post was swiftly deleted. The forum admins have notified the police and believed that 牛腩3号 might lead them to “Kira”.”

Manz, we are waiting for Kira’s next step – The video, that is. Can’t blame us. Our appetite needs to be satisfied.

In the meantime, Wu Zun is scheduled to film his debut movie with Gillian, but his fans are agains it, after Gillian’s involvement in the sex scandal. Many condemn her not because of her role in the scandal, but the image that she made herself out to be –

“The reason is because Ah Gil’s image was a too deifying good girl image, this included her expressing in public of a kissing scene that made her feel gross, and not having pre-marriage sexual relationship, after the picture scandal this shows her contradicting. The Hong Kong media’s comments have heavily criticized, ‘Not despised of her debauchery, but because of her hypocrisy.’ ”

Once again, I would like to remind readers does not host any of the scandal pictures.

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