iPhone 3G Has Landed

22 Aug

The long awaited iPhone 3G has officially landed in Singapore today. The release is currently open to only those who have reserved them earlier. I made my reservation a while back but decided to give up my reservation for Sony Ericsson C902 instead. To me, a good camera still matters a lot. The 2-megapixels camera of iPhone 3G is just not good enough for me. Below are the details for the price of the iPhone users will have to pay according to their mobile subscription plans. In my opinion, the prices are not fantastic but I half-expected it to happen. Compared to the US$199 iPhones in the States, the prices from SingTel looks terrible. Did you get the Apple iPhone 3G?

SingTel iPhone 3G Prices

SingTel iPhone 3G Prices

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    I share your opinion on this. What you posted is true….