I Want To Go On Vacation!

21 Oct

And I want to shop and shop and shop too! I often have this insane yearning to be overseas. Even a step out onto Malaysia would be greatly welcomed. I once went on a one-day shopping trip to Johor Bahru (in Malaysia, just right across from Singapore) with some friends. Once I got past the customs, I felt as though a tremendous load has been lifted off my shoulders.

Maybe I am exaggerating, but I do really feel this way being confined to our sunny little island.

Initially, my girlfriend/colleague and I are planning for a shopping trip to Bangkok. In the end, she voiced out her thoughts about us having only shoes and bags as our major hauls during a past trip. And that the expenses for shopping in Bangkok and shopping in Singapore would eventually be the same after we included our expenses for the airfare and hotel accommodations. This is very true. However, a part of me still wants to have a short holiday at the same time. I cannot experience such a feeling while in Singapore. Most importantly, when I am in Singapore, my passion for shopping is relatively harder to trigger as compared to overseas – where I know that if I don’t buy something I like, I may never get to see it after I returned home.

I echo what many of my friends have said, “Singapore has nowhere interesting to experience!” Well, this same logic applies to the local residents of any country. And I am one such resident!

When there is an urge, there is always a catalyst. And we always have that annoying itch in our lives – work. Ever since I joined another department, work is never ending. I don’t seem to click all that well with one of my colleagues either. I hate it when she slaps me on my shoulder. It feels like a karate chop to my blade. And the two of them are going to Bangkok for a 3 day 2 night shopping trip!

Ahem. Sorry for digressing. So, now I am waiting till about mid-December before my girlfriend gives me a confirmation on whether she is still keen to go on our shopping trip. You see, our company only gives out our bonuses a couple of weeks before the Lunar New Year as the bosses have this practice since goodness-knows-when. While the majority of our friends can go all fanatic about shopping in December (which is also the Christmas month – Christmas shopping!), we have got to wait till mid Jan (Lunar New Year is on the 7th and 8th of February next year!) before we can do any drastic deduction to our savings. And talking about shopping, there aren’t much ongoing online sprees for me to browse through! Those sprees that are being held, I didn’t take any liking to any items too!

I am starting to feel depressed. Half an hour before it is officially Monday. I hate Mondays. I wish every week could start on a Wednesday. Now that would be ideal, don’t you think so?


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